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School-based supportive counseling is available to all students at Hillside School. We offer individual and group services, classroom meetings, when appropriate, and social skills training. Services can be provided for a single session or last throughout the year. The goals of sessions vary depending on the needs of the student and/or the situation, but the focus is in the context of a student’s academic or social-emotional functioning within the school setting.

Our services are different than traditional psychotherapy, which is generally longer term and addresses more serious concerns. Students can receive school-based supportive counseling at the request of a teacher or parent/guardian or through a specialized service plan. We work with the student's team, including any outside treatment providers, to ensure that the topics discussed in session are relevant to the presenting concern(s). Most of the activities are play-based and interactive. Generally, topics include friendship, self-control, self-esteem, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, or trauma recovery. We also offer specialized groups, such as for new students, dependent upon need.  

The school-based providers explain confidentiality and its limits. The provider explains that information might be shared with the family or teachers, but that the content of the sessions is generally kept private. The students learn ‘what you say in here stays in here’ so they can be comfortable to talk freely.

Below is a link to Dr. Dries' website which contains resources that might be helpful. The link will take you directly to the Special Events or Tips section. Once you reach the page, you can navigate to other articles such as Social Emotional Milestones, Using Positive Language to Improve Behavior, and helping our children cope with changes.